Pricing Plans
Pricing Plans
Pricing Plans

hypersign cloud

100% Cloud

Hypersign Cloud requires no server or head end equipment. Be up and running in minutes.

Fast & Reliable

Hypersign devices are updated every 3 seconds giving realtime communication to all stakeholders.

Unlimited Users

Hypersign does not limit how many users in your organization can publish or manage content. Get everyone on board.

Top Ten Reasons You Will Love Hypersign

Yes, Hypersign has many more than 10 awesome features but, we narrowed down the ten most popular for you to check out. We are sure you will love Hypersign too! Check it Out!

Simple and intuitive design

We know that time is important so why bother with difficult digital signage systems when you can experience the one voted “Easiest to Use” and ensure usability by your staff.

Digital signage and presentation software
Hypersign cloud dashboard

Hypersign is more than a product, it’s a digital signage platform!

Hypersign was built from the beginning to handle the enterprise. We wanted a solution that wasn’t just a menu system to show todays lunch but a platform for communicating realtime, pertinent information for employees and customers.

That’s why Hypersign incorporates DZAs or Drop Zone Applications to expand the use of your Hypersign.

Works on everything!

Yes, that’s right. Hypersign is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux and Android providing you the most flexibility of any DS solution on the market. So bring your own device, and make it a Hypersign.

Hypersign for schools and educational organizations

Hypersign takes over the Galaxy!

Samsung Galaxy that is! Ever wanted an affordable room sign solution without the proprietary hardware?

HypersignRoom is built for the GalaxyTab 7.o and 10.1 and gives you full signage and alert capabilities as well as dynamic schedule supper for Google Calendar.

Cloud 1

Single License

Cloud 5

Up to 5 Licenses

Cloud 30

Up to 30 Licenses

Cloud 50

Up to 50 Licenses

30 Day Free Trial

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